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Some of you may know by now through Facebook, e-mail and CaringBridge that I have been diagnosed within the past two weeks with Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, stage TBD. I go in for lumpectomy Wed. 9/23 and will know more about what’s ahead after Mon. 9/28.  I will reserve the “News/Journal” section for news of the few shows I’ll be able to do post-op and during treatment (including switching over to the creative side of the Bar Show this year--writing, cuing, crafting as my health & strength permit). My blog will distill the most salient elements of my cancer journey, which can be found in greater detail and updated more often on my CaringBridge Journal: www.caringbridge.org/visit/sandyandina.  And of course, the Blog will remain my forum for rants on current events--which I’ve been lax in posting because a) others have beaten me to the punch; and b) the candidates’ words (at least on the GOP side) are funnier than any comments I can make on them.

I have one “for-sure” gig coming up that I will be playing: Andina & Rich at Just Goods Listening Room in Rockford, IL on Fri. Oct. 9 at 7 pm. I’ll be healed enough to drive there and perform, but not yet have started adjuvant therapy. FARM is up in the air--depending on when I start the next step and what it will be.

So for short updates as I have them, check the Blog. Ditto when I can no longer keep my mouth shut about world & political events of the day. And for anything musical (gigs, showcases, releases--we may do some songs on a digital download basis before “Chasing Lightning” drops early this spring--because I can’t tour behind it this fall. that’s why we’re waiting yet again), c’mon back here.



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