One great recording...Sandy’s angelic vocals soothe the soul as the lyrics enlighten you with her wit and playful charm...Sandy has what it takes for being a true live music veteran...When listening to Ghosts and Angels you’ll find yourself in heaven.”” - John Bowles

— Paradox Magazine

”Delightfully diverse, crammed with creativity and soothingly sweet. ..Nurturing voice..An artist with gentle and genuine impact whose words are near impossible to forget.”” - Allen Foster

— Songwriters' Monthly

“Andina celebrates music, family, and the future through her talent...Angelic voice and playful style..the mood of her work is childlike and joyful...A streak of humor runs through most of her songs.” - Jennifer Layton


“”Multi- Talented artist. Hummable and homey....a solid debut.”” - Darryl Cater

— Chicago Gigs

“Singer -songwriter extraordinaire...I especially like ‘Fog’ and (title tune) ‘Ghosts and Angels’. Multi-talented...even better live.”” - Charlie McShane

— UIC Radio--Music New & Used

It's with great pleasure that I recommend Ghosts and Angels. …What elevates Sandy over other worthy folksingers is her experience as a performer, command of her lovely voice, excellent arrangements, strong backing musicians and the wide range of subject matter. She's great live, too.” - Dave Romm

— KFAI-FM "Shockwave," Minneapolis-St. Paul

“A true and proud folkie, Sandy Andina is gifted with the ability to capture a moment in time and freeze it.”” - Greg Steele

— The Collective Ear