March madness

No, not the NCAA kind. March meteorological madness. We had two days this week of temps hovering between 55-60F....but with shovelable snow in between. Snowing again tonight despite this aft. having been open-jacket weather. Then two days of sub-freezing (thank goodness, not sub-zero) temps and back up to 50 again by Tuesday.  Of course, this has created a new category among "Official Chicago" things (you know, stuff like Song, Bird*, Tree*, Sandwich, etc,): Official Geographical Feature.......and the winner is.....THE POTHOLE! Streets have become slalom courses--last week on B'way I missed a gate and got disqualified. So much for my dreams of a medal! :(  But the positive aspect of "thaw" days and small snowfalls is that I don't have to wear boots, heavy coats or mittens. (Ever try to flip off a discourteous driver when wearing mittens?  Sorta defeats the purpose).

* What's the official IL state tree? The orange highway construction barrel. What's the official IL state bird? The one you flip at the state tree!

This is the weekend of Purim Spiels and St. Pat's Day Parades. Today they dyed the Chicago River green--presumably to match the color of the beer that people will be upchucking over its bridge railings in the next few days.  (Upside is that alcohol can melt ice jams). I did have a fantastic dinner tonight of corned beef & cabbage (best I've had in the city in the 35+ years I've lived here) at Broadway Cellars--they're serving it through Monday. As for Purim, no Hamantaschen for me for the second year in a row, since I'm still low-carbing it. Maintaining my 55-lb. weight loss--will plateau for awhile, because I've already spent enough on new clothes. (Traded my mom-jeans for skinny ones, still trying to get used to zippers and belt loops).

So I'm resigning myself to the undeniable truth that in Chicago (except for our parallel-universe spring of 2012 when we traded climates with San Diego), March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb...with serious anger-management issues. Meanwhile, after the inevitable post-Purim/post-St. Pat's Day letdown, you can still let your hair down with me several ways:

Tues. 3/18: Andina & Rich at the Red Line Tap, 7006 N. Glenwood, Chicago. An Americana trifecta, starting with us from 9-10 pm. $5 gets you all three bands (the other two being Cowboy Choir and The Muddflaps). Good libations (and have dinner beforehand next door at the legendary Heartland Cafe). Parking at the Trilogy lot 2 bl. n. on Glenwood (make sure you park in the "Heartland/Red Line" designated spots). But why drive when the Red Line L stops just a block s. at Morse?

Fri. 3/28: We'll be performing on Ari John White Wolf's podcast show "Inna Gadda Da Vida" from the studios of Red Dragon TV in Madison, WI.  More details as we get 'em!

Fri. 4/28: It'll be a really good Good Friday at Two Way Street Coffeehouse, 1047 Curtiss St., Downers Grove, IL as Andina & Rich return to the stage of Chicago's prestige intimate acoustic folk venue.  Two full sets starting at 8 pm (doors open 7:30). $7 cover. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate & cider, soda (or do you say pop?), and light snacks available.  And we'll have a lot to say musically, including sneak previews of songs from our upcoming (as soon as it's manufactured) CD "Chasing Lightning."  (We'll be releasing details soon about how you can be "present at the creation" and immortalized in the liner notes as one of our "angels").

And in between Madison & Downers Grove, Bob & I will be off to Paris and Normandy for a week...of Continuing Legal Education. That's right:  this time I get to be the one sitting in a classroom (or courtroom) all morning while Bob explores the museums and cathedrals. Will be posting lots of photos and blogging about sights, sounds, and our afternoons & evenings as gastronauts (hoping all that walking will burn off the carbs & calories).  And yes, someone'll be home while we're gone! (Someone human, not just the cats).

Speaking of kitties, our geriatric cat Matthew is doing splendidly post-stroke: he's climbing stairs, kicking @$$ and taking names.....okay, taking names. (A little more physical therapy will help him kick @$$).  Thank you for your prayers, good thoughts and healing energy!

Mazel tov to my cousin Gena Greher for being named Donahue Endowed Professor of Music at the U. of Mass! 

And get well, Maryjane! Saying a nightly Mi Sheberach for you.

See you on our return Stateside with details about our upcoming May and summer musical adventures!

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