December is dynamite!

Started out on Sun. Dec. 8, fresh from a triumphant closing Bar Show matinee, en route on the Eisenhower Expy. (the Ike) to the College of DuPage campus to be the finale of WDCB's Holiday Hoot.  Earlier in the day, though, I found out that I'd be playing solo, as Stephen Lee Rich was stuck in Madison--due to a shortage of plows & salt he was stuck in his cul-de-sac unable even to take the uncleared arterials to the expressway.  Then, after a protracted stop-and-go slog along the Ike, I got as far as the Chicago/Oak Park city line before traffic ground to a halt. Travel times out to the county line (much less campus) were an hour at that point, so there was no way I'd get to the Hoot before teardown. So I reluctantly phoned in my regrets and turned around to inch my way home (along Chicago roads and streets that were just as bad, with my block & alley unplowed till midmorning Monday). Turns out that due to the snow, the Hoot started early to accommodate those who could get there and then get home (hopefully) before the worst of the storm hit. So my Christmas goose was cooked even before I had to turn around.  Between the snow and then the sub-Arctic temps, I was stuck indoors till Thursday!  But you can hear the Hoot (with between-acts pauses edited out) and the talented artists who did perform on Folk Festival with Lilli Kuzma on Christmas Eve from 7-9 pm, 90.9 FM or  And we might have some of our prerecorded holiday stuff played anyway.

Just when I thought there'd be nothing more to add, there are two new amazing developments. 

First, the modestly good news:  Sun. Dec. 15 (repeated the next week on the 22d), you can hear me deliver Andina & Rich's new holiday promo greeting on the 2013 version Richard Milne's WXRT Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular on 93.1 FM (or

But here's the really big news: (headquartered in Los Angeles) just selected me as its 2013 Songwriter of the Year!  I'm flabbergasted and grateful beyond words. When my trophy arrives, I'll post a pic.  I promise to live up to the honor by writing much more often, more skillfully, and assiduously marketing my songs to as wide an audience as possible.

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