Much to Sue About Nothing

Merle Reskin Theatre, 60 E. Balbo, Chicago, IL

For my 15th year, I am part of the Chicago Bar Association's 94th annual parody musical, The Bar Show--at the historic Merle Reskin (formerly Blackstone) Theatre. This year's title is "Much to Sue About Nothing," with Shakespeare and his characters anchoring the show.  We spoof current events, world affairs, politicians, athletes, celebrities, social phenomena and our fair city itself. This year, look for me as (among other roles) German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Lots of singing, acting, dancing, a bit of rapping (but not too much) and laughs galore! Ticket prices are even lower than in years past, and way lower than any other downtown Chicago theater show. Only four performances--so get in on the fun before seats are gone!

$40 main, $35 mezzanine