Benefit Concert for Vital Touch

American Honor Alehouse & Brewery, 883 Highland Ave SE, Hickory, NC

I’m playing a benefit for a cause that’s near & dear to my heart, thanks to my BCO buddy Mary Mallette of SC. Vital Touch is a program at Vitality Medical Spa in Hickory, NC (90 min. e. of Asheville and 40 min. n. of Charlotte).  Funded by grants & donations, it provides spa services: massage (including lymphedema), facials (using environmentally safe and non-carcinogenic products), etc. free of charge to breast cancer patients. As someone who gets MLD massage therapy for breast-cancer-induced lymphedema, I can vouch for how important (and usually expensive) these services are. And for patients going through chemo and radiation, looking good (without using endocrine-disrupting or carcinogenic beauty products) equals feeling better--it truly is vital to recovery and survival.  Good music & humor, great food, microbrewed-in-house ales & beers--and you get to do good just by being fed & entertained!

suggested donation TBD