Andina & Rich on the (Stained) Rug

Stained Rug House Concert Series, 2855 Sweet Clover Way, Wauconda, IL

Our first full gig (not counting showcases and writers’ rounds) since Nov. 2015--I’m back in action and hitting the road (even if it’s only the Tri-State Tollway to the NW suburbs).  Hank Tuber is graciously hosting us for the Stained Rug House Concert Series (or do you say Schumtzedigge Shmatta?). Two sets with potluck munchies & potables before, during intermission and after. Ol’Man Winter has decided to mellow out considerably, so (channeling Stephen) in the immortal words of Bullwinkle Moose, “this time for sure!” For reservations & info, contact bandude49@aol.com or call 847-487-0464.

$15 suggested donation at door