From the recording Let 'em Eat Moose

Started writing this the day after McCain announced Palin's nomination; recorded it impromptu & live at FARM 2008 at 2 am after a long open mic night (and several beers), with some of Chicago's finest folk talent contributing percussion on found objects, Norm Siegel on guitar and Marshall Hjertstedt capturing it all on his mp3 recorder. Stephen Lee Rich quickly made it into a terrific animated video, still up on YouTube.  After Palin quit governing for celebrity, I tweaked the last verse a bit, and recorded it down in Sparta with some tasty guitar from Steve, lead guitar from our engineer Gary Gordon, bass from Ross Sermons and congas from Shane Cordevant.  Time is of the essence, and it can't wait till we release the album this spring. So enjoy, download (or have me send you an mp3), and spread it around. (Wouldn't it be cool if it ended up on Olbermann or Maddow's show?)


©2009 by S. Andina
Well, the GOP had a little drama
They were gettin’ their clock cleaned by Obama
The McCain campaign faced big disaster
So he picked me, Miss Half-Baked Alaska
So if the poor folk squawk like an Arctic goose
Here’s what I’ll tell them:
 Let ‘em eat moose.  Let ‘em eat moose.
I claim a mav’rick anti-fraud backstory
But raking muck should be mandatory
I love to steal Obama’s thunder
And let that Big Oil rape the tundra
And if they say that ain’t the land’s best use
Here’s what I’ll tell them:
Let ‘em eat moose.   Let ‘em eat moose.
While the other guys studied law & order
I was a bush league sports reporter
Over tiny Wasilla I did rule
(It’s smaller than your kid’s  high school)
I made my peace with air pollution
And who needs that ol’ Constitution?
That Darwin theory don’t hold water
I ain’t no monkey’s great-granddaughter.
And if they say I’m playin’ fast and loose
Here’s what I’ll tell them:
Let ‘em eat moose.  Let ‘em eat moose.
  I love to race them noisy snowmobiles
  I’m a good ol’ boy in three-inch heels
  As a feminist I say I’m known:
  All it takes is two X chromosomes
 No one can tell me what to do
But it’s fine by me if they spy on you.
Now Bristol’s boyfriend was a louse,
But I can still see Russia from my house
Now I took a hike, cause I’ve no use
For a job that’s runnin’ out of juice
And if no one’s buyin’ that excuse,
Here’s what I’ll tell them:
Let ‘em  eat moose. Let ‘em eat moose. Let ‘em eat moose.