1. Used Rainbows

From the recording Used Rainbows

Steve's wife Ingrid was driving home from an event in northern Wisconsin, when she saw a gift shop labeled "Used Rainbows." When she told him, he was inspired to invent a backstory and write the above lyric. We recorded it a cappella.


Not quite enough--how long did we try? How long did it take till the well ran dry?
We did what we could but the chance has passed by. All we have left are used rainbows.
It started out right, with a sigh and a spark. Were we awake when the world went dark?
Somehow, we came up just short of the mark, stranded amongst the used rainbows.
It started with small things that we couldn't see, nothing we'd notice at all.
We started out running, but they held us down. Now it's an effort to crawl.
Now that it's over, there's little to do. We've no resources to see us through.
Nothing is left of the souls we once knew--they're buried beneath the used rainbows.