Stephen's been singing this Tom Dundee classic, which Tom originally ended after the third verse (and which everyone else who's sung it does too), since 1977. But Steve adds a yodel at the end of verse 2, repeats the chorus after verse 3, and finishes with a yodel. When Tom (alev hasholom) first heard him sing it, he immediately declared Steve's the definitive version. When Andina & Rich restarted in 2001, I added a harmony and high capoed lead guitar part, eventually yodeling in harmony with Steve's yodel. When we sang it at a festival in Nashville in 2008, a dear friend of Tom's, who sang backup on the live Old Town School tribute concert version, said, with tears streaming down her face, "you guys own that song!" (We know Jack of Hearts Music literally owns it of course). When we got to the studio, I added some baritone dulcimer and layered a second high harmony on the verses & choruses (leaving a single harmony on the yodel), and we brought Robert Bowlin in for mandolin and Ross Sermons for string bass. Gary Gordon engineered, mixed, and mastered (Mike Lescellus edited) at Inside Out Studio in Sparta, IL.