From the recording Porchlight Blues

Stephen originally recorded this analog on his first Travenia release, "Facing Monday," in 2003. He wrote it back in 1977 and used that recording on that album.  But as his performance of it became more heartfelt and we worked up a harmony & dulcimer part, we knew it belonged on our new CD.  Steve began to sing and play (as he usually does in-studio). Gary and I listened to that perfect, present and plaintive guitar and knew that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, so we ditched the dulcimer, in favor of just my backing vocal on the choruses and last verse and Gary's spare blues harp (we're still debating whether I should play harp, dulcimer or just play bass in live performance).  That's Steve on guitar & vocal, Ross Sermons on string bass (live, I'd play acoustic bass guitar if anything); and Gary Gordon on blues harp and at the controls--engineering, mixing and mastering at Inside Out Studio in Sparta, IL.