1. Morning

From the recording Morning

Been smitten with this song ever since I heard it in Seattle in 1976 when it was a local FM rock hit for the band Bordersong (fronted by songwriter Michael Castaneda).  Another song on the album for which this was the title tune featured harmonies by an unknown pair of sisters from the suburb of Bellevue named Ann & Nancy Wilson....yes, THOSE Wilson sisters, later to become Heart. (No, they didn't sing on the song "Morning").  Finally found a recording and played it for Stephen, and we were in the studio two weeks later. He and I alternate lead vocals (and he also sings harmonies); I'm on lead guitar and he's on rhythm; I play dulcimers (std.and baritone 6-strings) and he plays sleigh bells.  Ross Sermons is on string bass; Robert Bowlin on mandolin; and Gary Gordon's at the board--engineering, mixing and mastering at Inside Out Studio in Sparta, IL. Edits by Mike Lescellus.