From the recording Let 'em Eat Moose

The original, written in my car just after the GOP '08 convention and just before that year's Fox Valley Folk Festival (and performed a cappella the first morning, lyric sheet in hand) found its way to the break room at FARM '08 at Techny Towers in Northbrook, IL (a month before the election) at 1:30 a.m., after co-emceeing a grueling marathon open mic.  We were jamming (aided by various adult beverages); I sang a cappella, Norm Siegel pulled out a guitar, Steve Rich, Amy Dixon-Kolar, Marshall Hjertstedt, Tom Kastle, and Patty Stevenson played found-object percussion, Marshall set up his digital recorder and we let 'er rip.  (The song was so new and I was so tired--okay, maybe wasted--that I did commit a lyric brain-fart on the second bridge). Nonetheless, Steve took the audio and put together an amazing video montage for YouTube. That version is already up on this site. But we realized that Ms. Guided wasn't going away anytime soon and that the song merited a pro-quality recording (without any cerebral flatulence on my part).  So this one's being released this week on the Andina & Rich "Appetizers" 6-song EP to be distributed at Folk Alliance 2010 in Memphis (and hopefully will receive airplay by heroic deejays with politically-tolerant audiences).  I'm on vocal, Stephen Lee Rich is on main guitar (in the control room), Ross Sermons on string bass, Gary Gordon engineering and on lead guitar licks, and Shane Cordevant on percussion. Enjoy (if you find Sarah P. a source of amusement or political scorn) or listen & react in your own way (if you feel she's your standard bearer.....if you do, I am nonetheless grateful to call you a fan of mine).


New last verse:
......Well, Bristol's boyfriend was a louse
But I can still see Russia from my house.
Now I took a hike 'cause I'd no use
For a job that's runnin' out of juice
And if no one's buyin' that excuse......