Why I joined a controversial Facebook group--and disagree with most of its members

I was invited to join the Facebook group "Those Who Protest at Military Funerals are the Scum of the Earth."  Remembering those awful images of the extremist pseudo-"evangelical" hate groups who chose certain military funerals last year at which to protest and insult minorities, gays and abortion, I surmised that was the purpose of the group and clicked "Join."

I was distressed to read the comments posted on that group's page  (including that of its founder) were directed against anti-war protestors, and was horrified by some of the epithets directed at them ("commie"--misspelled--was among the mildest).  I very nearly quit the group, but after some thought, here's what I posted:

I hate war. I detest our being in Iraq & Afghanistan. I detest those who lied to Congress in order to start those wars in the first place. But those kids coming home in boxes when they were told they'd be learning trades and supporting families? Whether or not one thinks they gave their lives for our country, their lives were taken needlessly. Funerals of any kind--military or civilian--are to mourn and respect the dead and bereaved. There are other times and places for protest. And those who use military funerals to protest gays or abortion or Obama? They give the scum of the earth a bad name.

And THAT is why I will not quit that group--and intend to speak my mind every time I see a hate-filled and ignorant post on there.  Civility is a lost art--heck, a lost trait--and must be restored. It's a dirty (and misunderstood) job, but somebody has to do it!

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