Thanksgiving catch-up (no, not the condiment)

Whoa--have I been THAT remiss in updating this blog? Life sure does get in the way these days.  First, thanks to all who expressed touching and heartfelt expressions of sympathy over my father-in-law's passing.  So many of his friends, neighbors and loved ones attended the funeral and the wakes in Chicago and New York.  Next, the Local 1000 Board meeting answered many questions and produced some hopeful and exciting developments, especially our upcoming member gathering at Highlander, TN this coming May.  NERFA was exhilarating and rewarding--and again, I was overwhelmed by the comforting hugs and wishes from fellow attendees. We did a terrifically enjoyable (and very-well attended) show at the Bremen up in Milwaukee with the dynamic and charismatic acoustic rocker Annie B, and hope to return the favor in Chicagoland. 

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I roasted my first turkey in six years!  It was also my first-ever organic free-range bird (from Kelso, WA), and I was debating "to brine or not to brine." I opted to baste copiously instead, and it worked like a charm.  Looking back I am amazed how much I got done:  bird, gravy from scratch, cranberry sauces, pineapple carrots (my mom's recipe, which is also in the Folkie cookbook from WDCB), brussels sprouts, dressing (the croutons were a mix, but I added fresh sage & rosemary, mandarin oranges, eggs, onions, celery, mushrooms, sausage and wild rice), and mashed Yukon Golds (thanks, Kathy, for mashing them while I finished and plated everything).  Thanks to Andy & Erin for the yummy baked ham, Kathy for the light and silky pumpkin pie, Jack for bringing the raspberry tiramisu, and Bob & Gordy for shopping for last minute stuff and saving my knees by doing the schlepping to and from the basement fridge.  Also can't believe that EVERYTHING is clean again--and I, notorious slob and procrastinator that I am--did it!

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