Please help Haiti!

Please go to to donate what you can for emergency medical relief services for Haiti. No established medical facilities remain intact--hospitals have been destroyed.  Your donation will be appreciated immeasurably, and the karma goes without saying.  (If you so choose, pick another legitimate relief organization, such as 1-800-REDCROSS or texting to 99099 to donate to the Red Cross, or choose, a low-admin-overhead org. funneling relief to Haiti).  Bob and I have chosen Doctors Without Borders as the most direct way to help.   If you hold a religious faith, please pray according to your ritual; if you don't, send good thoughts and healing energy Haiti's way.

I am still aghast at Rev. Pat Robertson's explanation (???!!!!) that the earthquake and Haiti's preexisting distress is due to their having "made a pact with the Devil when they were under Napoleonic rule" to serve Satan in return for being liberated from the French.  I know that the Lord does not himself directly ordain His clergy; if He did, He certainly would be pulling Robertson's "ticket" right now; if G-d were a precinct commander and Robertson a cop, He would be demanding Pat turn in his badge and gun.  I certainly hope that PBS--or as many affiliates as possible--cancels the "700 Club" ASAP.

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