Notes from the knees; CD launched but I'm temporarily grounded till Tues.!

Good news and not-so-hot news:

Good news:  OUR NEW CD IS HERE!!! See my News/Journal (or the Sandygram you may be receiving imminently) and www.andinaandrich for the details of how and where you can hear and buy it.  First official airplay will be this Tues. 6/29, on Lilli Kuzma's "Folk Festival" show on WDCB-FM 90.9/ between 7-9 pm CDT (we're on at about 8). And the first CD release party we've scheduled will be in Madison, WI, on Thurs. Aug. 12 at the Brink Lounge on E. Washington St. just n. of downtown on the edge of the Willy St. Corridor.  (That is not to say that we won't have one earlier in Chicago, if we can get the right date and venue--we have a few in mind and will be contacting them ASAP). Details as they happen---keep abreast of them at, as well as on Facebook and MySpace.

Not-so-hot-news: those "notes" you hear "from my knees" are creaking & groaning. Last Mon. night, doing nothing out of the ordinary, I managed to blow out my right knee (doctors are unsure about whether I tore my lateral collateral ligament or my lateral meniscus).  I've been using a cane to get around rather gingerly and begun my weight loss regimen to reduce the load on my knees so I can eventually have them resurfaced/replaced. (Sometime this winter, between the Bar Show and Folk Alliance, I hope).  Meanwhile, no driving until I can move between the pedals without much pain and press them with the right degree of force without a second thought.  Thanks to the kindness of friends and family, though, that will NOT necessitate postponing or canceling gigs or shows--you won't get rid of me THAT easily.  (Although, Marla, I SWEAR I didn't do this just to get out of having to dance)!  I'll know more Wed. after I see my orthopedist for a followup (and perhaps seek a second opinion just for spits & giggles).  Only thing for sure is that the doctors are disinclined to reconstruct the ligament or even repair it or the meniscus arthroscopically, which is why there hasn't been an MRI yet and probably won't be one.

So that's why I haven't been ranting about politics & life here lately--I've been too busy researching knee stuff, thanking online get-well-wishers, making gig travel plans and CD launch strategies, and trying to learn to get up from chairs without grunting "OY!".....too loudly.

I have a lot on my mind (and weighing heavily on my heart) about what's been going on in the nation since Deepwater Horizon B-Peed all over the Gulf and coast.  Cognitive dissonance has been causing me to ruminate, rationalize, reason and possibly revise many of my previous opinions (but don't worry, I won't be revising them enough to advocate a new-broom-sweeping-clean.....except at Energy, Finance and those seats in the Senate and Congress currently occupied by opponents of progress, compassion and courage).  If anything, I have become more convinced than ever that we need to stop ALL further drilling and oli & gas exploration (we have thousands of wells drilled, capped, and ready to tap as long as they're tapped safely...and thousands of jobs there in no danger of disappearing).  It's not enough to become independent from foreign's time to kick the habit, PERIOD.  

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