Halting the Hating--a correction

A correction, indeed.....of my invective in the previous post. Watching the Tucson memorial service tonight, and listening to Pres. Obama's heartrending and inspiring speech, I have indeed been shamed out of exploiting this tragedy as an excuse to play the blame game. Our President is correct:  it is wrong to usurp this event, regardless of our underlying ideologies and suspicions of each other, as yet another opportunity to accuse each other of being "the other," and for vilifying and ascribing base motives to those with whom we disagree. We are each other's opponents, not enemies......we are all Americans and we MUST get along--objecting without being objectionable, disagreeing without being disagreeable.  Let us all, from this moment forward--without laying blame, without naming names, without keeping score, without ascribing or speculating cause, without claiming to stake out the moral high ground--cease violent invective and start a new era of civility. Everyone---politicians & officials, pundits and editorialists, citizens across the spectrum--let civility begin now, and begin with us. Let us use words to explain, to examine, to help, to heal, to debate--but NOT to hurt.

Why on earth should this be controversial or objectionable to anyone? 

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