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Knee blog: a little more clarity

Posted on July 16, 2012 with 0 comments
Well, the PT came over today. Took awhile to make progress, due to not having a session over the weekend, but with a lot of sweat and pain we made it to 115 degrees of flexion while still maintaining full extension.  Got SOME answers--basically, that everyone heals at their own rate. Some folks at this point are still on Oxys along with Norco at this point; a minority are toughing it out with Extra Strength or Arthritis Formula Tylenol (actually, generic, since brand name Tylenol's been withdrawn from sale for awhile); the average seems to be some degree of opioid--at least prior to a PT session--for 6 weeks.  I am lucky in that the pain doesn't keep me awake, nor does it awaken me.  So we've decided that 1 Norco 2 (10 mg) every 5 hours should be okay; if it doesn't take enough edge off the pain, I can add one acetaminophen (preferably 325mg, which is what is in a Norco 1 or 2, but nobody seems to be carrying anything but 500-650mg., non-splittable; the 650s are sustained [...]
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Knee blog: second weekend home

Posted on July 15, 2012 with 0 comments
This has been a weekend of perplexity.  There is such a thing as too much information, especially when so much of it is contradictory. "Rest up, save your strength," say some.  "Make sure to prop ice your knee and your foot up higher than your heart," say others. I DARE you to do anything constructive or interesting--such as read, go online, talk comfortably on a phone or watch any TV not mounted high up on a wall when you're flat on your back. "Don't spend too much time sitting." Really? How much is too much? How long at a time? How long is too long? Sitting in a restaurant for the duration of a meal? Riding in a car? (That was what made me forgo a proffered lift to the Woodstock Folk Festival). Plowing through e-mails? "Frequent short walks are key." How frequent? Every few minutes? Every hour? How short is short--am I supposed to pace aimlessly around the first floor of my house or are necessary trips to kitchen or bath sufficient? "Take only one trip up and down the stairs [...]
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Knee blog: Friday the 13th

Posted on July 13, 2012 with 0 comments
In less than half an hour, Fri. the 13th will be over.  It's been a suitably weird day.  I took my pain meds last night at 10:45 and fell asleep while watching a DVRed episode of "NYC 22." Turned off the TV to sleep, and then about 1 am Gordy came in from a long night of rehearsals and wanted to shoot the breeze. Fell back asleep about 2. Next thing I knew, Heidi jumped on my bed just as the insanely loud clock-radio-CD player Bobby had set as an alarm woke me 6:45. Ruh-roh:  I wasn't in a lot of pain (except for a bizarre shooting burning pain along my OTHER thigh, which happens if I sort of get pinned into my blanket while sleeping by Happy, the 16-lb. superkitten), but 8 hours between doses this early in the game is asking for it. So I took my Norco and fell back asleep...and didn't wake up till 11 am.  Took my regular morning meds & vites, had coffee and made breakfast: my first BLT in over a month. Trouble was, Matthew was watching eagerly, salivating [...]
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Knee blog: first week home!

Posted on July 11, 2012 with 0 comments
Thurs. 7/5
I get up the deck stairs and am greeted by Gordy and the kitties. Matthew tries to escape--he seems to be his old self again. Gordy informs me that Matthew is actually allowed to go out, nibble grass and roll in the schmutz for a few minutes, so long as he supervises.  Carrie shows me where everything is, and goes home till tomorrow morning.  Feels weird to be nearly alone. Make myself a cup of coffee--first in two weeks--and make a mini-pizza from foccaccia, basil and provolone. (The other 3/4 of it disappears before I can find it). Take a nap, open bills, and then Bobby calls, apologizing that he can't make dinner. So after waffling for half an hour, I order out from Mei Shung--wonton soup, basil shrimp, pupu platter, beef chow fun and a free portion of sweet & sour chicken.  It is so hot that the delivery guy is delighted to be invited inside to carry the food into the kitchen for me.  I realize I have grossly over-ordered, but it's not like I won't [...]
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Knee blog: rehab week 2

Posted on July 5, 2012 with 0 comments
Mon. 7/2--wound care nurse expresses his own concern as to swelling, redness and warmth of knee. Consults head nurse who agrees. Bobby has no luck reaching the internist.  Meanwhile, trying not to worry and using the cane, I manage a full flight of stairs up to the 3rd floor and back. Laura applies some cris-cross strips of compression tape--hot pink--to assist with reducing the edema.  While I'm in the middle of PT (having done 18 min at 40% resistance on the recumbent elliptical trainer, getting 100 degrees of flexion, and now able to do my own leg raises & recumbent knee bends without assistance), Dr. W's office calls: even though my next appointment is Thurs. the 5th, he wants to see me stat, before 3pm: he's in surgery tomorrow, the office is closed on the 4th and if anything's wrong he wants to catch it NOW. So we order a wheelchair access taxi, to arrive 1 pm.  I get in some lunch and wait....and wait.....and wait...finally Flash Cab arrives at 2:15. Driver gives [...]
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